AIKO started in 1982 as a dj on a local Belgian radio station at the age of 13.

Over the next 11 years he was a dj on 5 major Belgian syndicated networks. The last 6 years fully professional.

In 1989  he started as a club dj & played in bars and clubs till 1999.

Due to other professional obligations he quit the profession for about 10 years.

In 2011 however he returned to the DJ booth when he moved to Greece & started to play in clubs again.

The year 2013 was another turning point.

Aiko began to put his mixes out on Mixcloud. One of the biggest music streaming sites of the world.

The Aegean, Atlantic & Late Night Sessions are a giant hit on Mixcloud.

More  then 20000 people follow AIKO & every new Atlantic Session reaches an audience of thousends of listeners.

Renowned for his great taste in house music his audience stills grows daily.

Denia- Mytilini

Spain - Greece

Website :

Find Aiko On Mixcloud here