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August 10 2020

You can now check our  track list here  7 Days back

August 08 2020

From Monday till Friday daily Balearic Sound sessions with Aiko at 18.00 CET

JULY 16 2019

Aegean Lounge is now also available on Filter Music. Click Link To Listen.

JUNE 28 2019

Track listing is now also available on our tunein page.

Aegean Lounge sets are also available on Mixcloud.

Give us a follow there…

MAY 16 2019

On June 20 Aegean Lounge will start with high quality streaming broadcast of

192 kbs instead of  128 kbs now. Better sound quality & better listening experience.

Some more updates coming soon.

MAY 13 2019

Aegean Lounge is Proud to present its new website.

With a sleeker look & easier access.

More updates on the website & on the radio itself will follow soon. 222


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