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Playlist The Soulful Sessions #85 Live On ALR (October 03, 2020)


ARS Domini, Mari Aguiar - Space (Rob Hayes Remix)

Needless - Unnamed Feelings (Groove Assassin Soul Mix)

Augmented Soul, Michael Speaks - Found the One (DJ Spinna's Galactic Soul Remix)

Tamara Wellons - More Than You Know Remixes (Richard Payton's Vocal)

Arturo Macchiavelli - We Got Love (Original Mix)

Bobby D' Ambrosio, Michelle Weeks - The Day (Hump Mix)

Blind Truth feat Tata And Toney - Why Can't We See (Groove Technicians Mix 1)

Roy Jazz Grant Un Poquito (Dub)

Frankie Feliciano, Real Thing Stalker Track (Original Mix)

Band&Dos Right Now (Original Mix)

Aston Martinez, Marco Berto, Bryan Chambers Holdin' On (Club Mix)

The Smix: 19.00 Soulful Sessions

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